Wednesday, February 1, 2012

how to fix bad video card drivers minecraft

how to fix bad video card drivers minecraft Tube. Duration : 3.73 Mins.

this is a last possible option for people really wanting minecraft to work this is reversible just download the graphics card driver that you had previously or have it on a usb backup. make sure you have tried everything else before attempting this!!!! if people think that there computer or laptop is broke then send me your computer make and serial number. BUT RUN WINDOWS UPDATE AS SOON AS YOUR COMUTER RESTARTS btw the reolution will be strage and the toolbar coulours all weird. if windowss update fails try downloading driver genius 10 or go on the graphics card website to find your latest driver. AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! LINKS: 1. INTEL 2. TOSHIBA 3. HP 4. DELL 5. ACER 6. SONY 7. APPLE 8. SAMSUNG 9. how to get driver genus 10 for free: THIS LINK TO THIS VIDEO IS NOT MINE BUT I USED HIS TUTORIAL.

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